Artist: Bavaria / Track: "Everywhere"
Director - Mark Dadlani
Producer - Thomas Kelley
Producer - Mark Dadlani
1st AD - Tyler Stratton
Production Designer - Sabrina Dadlani
Contributing Editor - Seth Levine

LA electronic musician John Tejada and vocalist Kimi Recor teamed up for a full album of darkly hued electronic pop under the name Bavaria. The track "Everywhere," taken from We'll Take A Dive on the California-based n5MD record label, is a layered exploration of disorientation and a yearning for home.
Director Mark Dadlani took the mood and themes of the song and envisioned a story of spiritual transformation in Nature. The video follows a lost soul who is tracking a mysterious animal in the wilderness. He follows it into a foggy valley and the unknown. The animal spirit watches him and guides him deeper into her domain. He tries to climb a great height to meet her, but tumbles. In Bavaria, his fall is a supernatural passage to a new world.